Y O G A  for  T R A N S F O R M A T I O N:
Drop-in sessions

drop in sessions

Regular drop-in yoga sessions for human service workers

Are you supporting people who are carrying trauma?

All areas of human service face ever increasing demands, contradictions & systemic pressures that compound the impact of trauma in both clients and workers. Few organisations are able to offer specific balancing experiences such as yoga, relaxation & meditation that are proven to release the effects of trauma.

When the need arises Lynn can help gather yoga teachers to offer informal but focused & professional sessions that will give support workers a taste of self-paced, gentle stretches, postures, breathing, relaxation and meditation techniques that they can take with them into their daily life.

During 2014 in Hobart, for example, monthly ‘Gentle Yoga for You’ sessions were offered in a central venue provided, at low cost, by the city council.  Over the year about 60 people from just about every field of human service dropped in to the class for a taste of gentle yoga with very experienced teachers from a number of yoga traditions. Some people came a number of times and some then found their way into regular yoga classes. No experience or flexibility is necessary, so people felt safe to try yoga for the very first time, some working in chairs. On occasions we even had a massage therapist available for a mini-massage before the class. What a wonderful way to nurture and revitalise our ‘front-line’ workers!

Contact Lynn if you would like to be part of or create any future drop-in sessions