Y O G A  for transforming  T R A U M A

yoga for trauma

The 'Transformative Power of Yoga' - Releasing the effects of trauma

The impacts of trauma (large and small) can be held, felt or hidden anywhere in our bodies, thought process and emotional make-up. For thousands of years the practices of yoga have helped people from all walks of life transform themselves in the face of life’s challenges.  Modern brain research is fuelling a paradigm shift in human service professions and starting to show us why yoga really works.  Lynn synthesises all of this into gentle, self-nurturing and empowering workshops (now under the banner of ‘Transformative Power of Yoga’, previously called ‘Making Whole with Yoga’).  The aim is to inspire and affirm human service workers and yoga teachers and bring them closer together.

Workshops for yoga teachers

Workshops for human service workers/professions

Drop-in sessions (for Human Service Workers)

Trust Fund - For the Grace of Yoga