Regular  Y O G A  classes - Making Whole with Yoga

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(Refer to CURRENT TIMETABLE for day/night time options and costs).
All classes run in 8 - 11 week terms, roughly according to the Tasmanian school terms.

Gentle classes - smaller classes for people who want some more individualised attention to deal with particular needs, conditions or healing, or for those who simply like the timeslot.  This is the only class in which it is sometimes possible, space permitting, for beginners to join mid-term

Beginners yoga – we don’t have defined beginners’ classes. People who are completely new to yoga, or to this type of yoga, can blend easily into our continuing general or gentle classes, at the beginning of our term.  These classes take in new people only in the first two weeks of term. First, it’s important for us to have a chat so you can let me know about any past injuries or concerns and so you are familiar with how the class runs. We can dispel the myths - like you need to be young and flexible (even 82 year olds have started their yoga journey in our classes), wear either lycra or saffron robes or drink water during the class. Ongoing students understand that in the first two weeks of term many of the fundamentals are reviewed, often in different ways, so they have the opportunity to deepen or refine their yoga and to become aware of their development, whilst beginners are learning the basics.

General classes – the real healing or whole-making comes from getting yourself to your weekly class, regardless of the obstacles, demands and challenges thrown up by the rest of your life. These general classes can become the anchor in your week, perhaps one of the few times you put yourself first and in a space where there are no external demands or expectations. They are an opportunity to simply ‘be’ and to tune into yourself so that then you can be there more fully for others in the rest of your life.  Each term we gradually build/re-build toward the Gita framework of:

    • limbering stretches (always familiar ones as well as a few different progressions to release tensions that have built during the week, and during our life-time, and to prepare us for the postures). 
    • flowing between the key postures that bring physical, mental and emotional balance.  We do this in familiar patterns that become quite meditative in themselves. Most postures have multiple variations that we bring in, from time to time, to keep us fresh. 
    • a breathing focus or exercise (pranayama),
    • interspersed pauses for meditation techniques
    • guided relaxation. 
Generally speaking, we are moving gently or doing postures for 70-80% of each class, with the remainder of the time spent finding comfort in lying, standing and sitting positions for short periods of breathing, meditation and relaxation.
Progressing classes – once you have grounded yourself in at least one term of general yoga, it may be possible to join one of our progressing classes, where the main thing that is advanced is our ability to listen to our bodies and seek what is right for us.  Because we don’t take in new beginners, this class can explore more progressions (always in gradual self-paced steps) and deepen our practices. We still keep to the Gita framework, as in general classes, because we fully appreciate its healing power and the fortifying foundations it lays in ourselves and our lives.

Yoga Seeds - Each week of our Hobart Yoga term a ‘Yoga Seed’ email arrives in the inbox of those who have requested it.  Read more